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Physical Feature

Sigma Fashion Ltd is the factory of three structures constructed over 4 acres of land. The garments unit is a four-storied building with 3 (three) spacious stairs. Each storey is about 31500-sftfloor of glazed tiles. Each floor consists of 29 toilets for the workers with sufficient washbasins on both sides of the structure.

The ground floor is for raw material storage, cutting and sample making. The first floor is for finishing and finished good storage. The second and third floors are completely for sewing with six lines of sewing machineries on each floor.

The built up area of the utility building is about 12000 sft. The utility area is designed & engineered with well-designated spaces for different activities in the most up to date and functional manner while keeping in mind all the present & future requirements. In the utility building, we have sufficient space for three big generators, an air conditioned electrical distribution room, space for three big boilers, air compressors, as well as water treatment and softening plant. The pump room is underground with pumps for various applications. To meet the water requirement uninterruptedly (drinking, process, fire fighting) of the factory, The factory has its own deep tube well of capacity 200000 litres/hour and three underground reservoirs of total capacity 1225000 litres to store raw, treated and soft water.

Sigma Fashion Ltd. has a medical center with beds (male & female), attending doctors and qualified nurses to take care of the medical needs of the workers.Sigma also has a day care center for the children of the working mothers.In summary.
Garments Building : 126000 sft (four storied building)
Utility Building : 12000 sft
Medical & Day Care Building : 2400 sft (two storied building)
Underground Water Reservoir : 1225000 liters (raw, treated&soft)
Docking Bays : 04 bays (for loading & unloading)
Paved Walkway : 1100 ft width 4 ft. (minimum)
Driveway : 500 ft width 20 ft (minimum)
Green Landscaped Area : More than 6000 sft